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About Us


The Mad Claw aka TMC offers fresh crustaceans with our southern inspired creole kick Cajun sauce. We take pride in our customer service as well as the quality of our food.


TMC's Cajun, the heart of all of our sauces, a southern inspired creole kick to go perfectly with the seafood of your choice. This sauce is used as a base of all our other sauces that you'll soon find out about.


We've extended our famous cajun sauce into three more different types of tangy and mouth-watering flavors you can adjust to our preference.


TMC's Lemon Pepper adds a hint of its distinctive sour taste to the cajun sauce with a clean finish. Originally, lemons have a unique property of activating one's salivary glands on contact.


TMC's Garlic Butter brings out a different kind of spice and its own unique nuttiness. It's 'pungent' joined with our cajun. Garlic works wonderfully when married with seafood.


TMC's Full House is the perfect combination of Cajun, Lemon Pepper, and Garlic Butter all mixed into one. Why pick one, when you can have it all? This is our most popular sauce yet.


TMC is fairly new to be a part of the local community, Inland Empire and North Orange County, and we are very excited to continue as a neighborly restaurant. We are extremely happy to present to you ladies and gentlemens (yes! you beautiful lady/handsome gentleman reading this right now!) with our friendly service, unique blend of quality seafood, and last but not least our oceanic, aquatic, and marine themed ambiance.

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